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About US

At Emergent Arts, we are dedicated to the creative community of Hot Springs and the surrounding areas.  We are teachers and volunteers, artists and students.  We understand that community begins first with communication.  If you have questions, comments, even ideas for programs or events, please feel free to let us know.


Emergent Arts fosters creativity among emerging artists of all ages and abilities in Garland County and surrounding communities.


We believe in creativity before creation, exploration before execution.

We believe that every person is capable of having a creative experience, as a viewer, a participant, a creator, or a supporter.

We believe that all people will have an individual creative story, equally as important as the next, and can be made greater when given resources.

We believe that physical and mental factors to not inhibit an individual from reaching their full creative potential, they merely determine the rate and processes by which that individual may get there.

We believe that creativity and creative experience is essential in contributing to the whole person.

We believe that diversity of race, culture, economic status, and gender-identity contributes to the empowerment of a community.

Circle Gallery

The Circle Gallery is a creative platform. Here there is exposure to something unseen, awakening and engaging the vision of the viewer. Experiencing others’ artwork makes them aware of the way other people see the world. With themed shows, guest curators, and community exhibitions to help facilitate this exploration of arts and culture, an appreciation for art will be nurtured by the exposure to and education of cultural differences and similarities. By providing this platform, where artist’s voices matter and creative “outlier” artists, dreamers, and thinkers, are invited, this place can cause both artist and viewer to think differently and to search beyond their own boundaries towards that which is important in shaping society.


The large visual arts studio space provides a classroom setting for students of all ages, both new and experienced artists, for specific programmed classes and workshops. Individual studio spaces will provide a single individual artist with a personal space to create their art. The other studio spaces will be process based in photography, printmaking, fiber, book arts and ceramics. These places will provide content, materials, instruction, technique, space, and time for individuals and classes to learn and create through participation as a community. Studios with equipment combined with instruction provide platforms and places that empower people through art making. This allows for a creative experience where anyone can express their reaction to living.


Our creative educational programming teaches and provides instruction in the basis of the creative language of art. We give the knowledge and tools of various art processes and techniques in order to express wonder in responding to the world around us. With the mark making process, using this learned language of art in color, texture, and light, we provide the opportunity to put objects together, things of “beauty”, and encourage emerging artist to place their mark to communicate as artists would. By giving permission for creative experience to these artists with questioning minds, allowing them to imagine the unimaginable, and believe in themselves when endowed with the tools capable of turning the impossible, possible, then the world opens up.

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Erin Holiday, Executive Director

Sarah Curtis, Office Administrator

Kara Gunter, Program and Studio Manager

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