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Therapeutic Storytelling

  • Sat, June 15, 2024
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Emergent Arts
  • 11



Storytelling is a time honored method people use to connect with one another. We learn about one another through stories. We share solutions to problems through stories. We make abstract ideas more understandable through stories. STORIES THAT HEAL is a workshop where you can explore the use of stories and learn the basics of effective storytelling.

Participants in this workshop will:

1. Increase their understanding of the healing power of “the right story at the right time.”

2. Add to their repertoire of helpful stories.

3. Learn the basics of effective storytelling.

Your presenter, Michelle Crandell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Educator. She has 48 years of experience teaching Psychology and Social Work classes in high schools, community colleges and universities. She currently provides presentations to health care professionals and teaches a monthly class designed to help participants discover their heart’s desires and make their dreams come true.

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